Copywriting examples

The proof of the writing is in the reading…

Over the last decade, I’ve enjoyed working with all kinds of companies – from charities and colleges, to golf clubs, photographers and driving schools – but I’m most prolific in the financial services sector where I’m regularly tasked with transforming mundane subject matter into something more memorable.

I have worked with many household names (and some less so) to produce compelling communications that make a difference –  sometimes for agencies, sometimes for direct clients and sometimes as an in-house employee.

Examples of work produced over the last 10 years 

Paymentshield case study - keeping up with the JonesesPaymentshield case study - protection to keep your clients in their homesPaymentshield case study - The GI specialistPaymentshield case study - Don't let your clients gamble on their home insurancePaymentshield white paper


L&G Intermediary PMI brochure L&G - GI on a plate DM  

Sue Ryder ad    Medicash advert   Rachel Joseph

Copy written on behalf of Unigraph Design – a full service marketing agency based in Old Street, London

Fleetcare handy tips ads (employer)Fleetcare handy tips adverts (employees) Bupa International Sales Brochure      Bupa International DM pack (envelope)   BI HBN cover letter   BI HBN letter insert                  Bupa Stress Management Leaflet                   

And there’s more…

If you are interested in a specific type of media, client or industry, I have plenty more examples that I would be happy to share with you. Better still, if you really want to see what I can do for your organisation – feel free to put me to the test!

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